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I am 14 years old and I way 163 pounds,I am "5'9" and I want to lose weight to be around 110-115 at the most, I see girls in school who are super skinny  and I get jealous sometimes because they can wear clothes that I can't or they look gorgeous just because they are skinny. I am having a really hard time motivating myself to get out there and exercise, and my moms trys to get me out there but, it never works. If anyone has any advice please comment, or let me know, thank you.


Hello heyygurl,

You say you are 5'9" and you are 63 pounds.  You want to lose weight to come down to 110-115.  Oh, you end up looking like twiggy.  I'm 5'7".  Normal weight for me is right around 135 pounds and that gives me pretty much a high school figure and I'm 61 years old.  I think your vision of yourself and of your class mates is distorted.  You might want to talk to your doctor about that.  You have no reason to be jealous of your friends.  Okay, at 5'9" you may want to lose about 20 pounds and that should put you at a healthy weight.  Do a search on the internet for reputable medical areas for weight charts and I think you will see what I'm talking about.