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So, I'm 21, and I lost my virginity last Saturday. We had sex twice in one night. Both times he had a condom on. However, there was a lot of messing around before that when he didn't have one on, but I'm pretty sure he never put it inside me, but it was definitely around that area! 

My period was suppose to start tomorrow (Friday), but it ended up coming on Tuesday morning (2 days after I had sex). On Tuesday, my period was normal. Wednesday, it was a little bit less than it normally is on the 2nd day, but I didn't worry too much. Now, on Thursday, there's barely anything. There's still a little blood, but my period usually stays heavy for at least 3 days! This is worrying me, and maybe my stress is causing it to mess up. But any ideas to as what is going on?! Sorry for the details :/ 

Thank you!


Sometimes when a guy has sex with you close to your period, it can cause the period to delay