My downstairs neighbours have just informed me that their grown up daughter has moved back in to have a baby and that it will be placed underneath my bedroom. You can hear everything between the floors including morning alarms, plugs being taken out of sockets and even brushing of hair.

They live in a two floor maisonette and have bedrooms one floor apart from me (ground floor) or one under my kitchen in addition to the one under my bedroom. I have written an email saying I want to be as supportive as possible but that given we live in a house with NO sound insulation whatsoever, I would strongly suggest that they baby does not go under me and that I'm really worried about the impact it would have on my work performance. They just haven't replied.... :/

The really annoying thing is, the only reason my bedroom is where it is, is that they were complaining about any noise in my flat from walking (without shoes v.quietly), to opening a cupboard carefully or opening the zipper on a bag. I go to bed very early and am a quiet person so I swapped the rooms and. Before that, the reason a bedroom had ended up under my living room in the first place was that they swapped their rooms around and then complained. I also installed sound proofing and carpeting (even though I hate it) in the hallway and stairs. I feel like I've done so much to accommodate them. I have a list of endless rules for living in may flat and my downstairs neighbours said they are now really happy.

I cannot swap my bedroom back now as I no longer have a living room but a lodger instead so I'm really stuck unless they take responsibility for this. They have four months before the baby is born. What should I do if they just don't reply? We live in HA housing and are having a lot of problems with the association. They are trying to increase my rent by 30% and won't repair things. We need to stick together at the moment. I can't report them to the HA but I'm really worried that this will really have an impact on my job.

Given that they haven't replied what should I do? Does anyone have any advice? I'm really concerned I'm not going to have a single nights sleep.