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Has anyone had a bilateral bunionectomy with the
doctor using a plate and two or three screws in each foot.

I am 59 years old and the doctor said that would probably
be the approach he would take. I also have osteoporosis
in my spine and hips, but the doctor said generally
osteoporosis is not in the feet.

I am an active 59 year old who walks, bikes, and skis.

Is the removal of the plate and screws like a second surgery?
How many weeks post op does this take place?
Is it normal that the plate and screws come out or do
doctors just normally leave them in.
My preference would be for them to come out.

I would be thankful for any feedback.


Hi I am wondering if you had the surgery and how it went? I am a candidate for having a plate used in the bunion surgery on my right foot. I had tried the surgery 8 years ago with two screws and it came back almost immediately. I had to have the screws out almost two years ago as one was almost going through the bottom plate of my foot. I'd almost rather not have the screws put in again and positioned in the same way because I dont want that happening again. I agree I would also rather not have to keep the hardware in my foot but I'm not confidant the bunion would not come back so I am considering the plate as the best bet.

Hope your surgery went well and you have recovered back to full functioning by now.


I had a bilateral bunionectomy done Feb. 7, 2013.  Unfortunately things did not go well.  The doctor called the next day after my surgery and told me he almost didn't do the surgery because the bones in my foot were very soft, but he did it anyway.  Which I am upset about.  On my next visit I asked him why he did the surgery, he said that I begged him.  I was under anesthesia and he/I didn't know I had soft bones until he cut me open, talking in my sleep, LOL.   I had a scan done and found out I had very bad osteoporosis -4.0 in my spine and osteopenia in my hips, I didn't have a clue that I had this.  It surprised me, because I lifted things, danced, did yoga.  The only thing that I had noticed in the last year is lower back pain.  Well anyway, I also have a plate of sorts with screws, the doctor said he had to use a surgical glue which contained apatite''s actually a component of the bone, you could look it up online, to hold the screws in place. He told me they will never be taken out.  I'm upset mostly because I am still limping, my big toe collapsed toward my other toes, I can't bend my toe to walk properly, and I can't go down the stair in a straight normal way, going up isn't as bad.  I have thought about suing him but my boyfriend thinks its more trouble then its worth.   My GYN prescribed Calcitonin/Salmon, the generic of the pricey brand which is a nasal spray, for my osteoporosis.  I was unable to take any of the dangerous osteo medications on the market, trust me,  they are all dangerous, Actonel, Prolia, etc.  I do not recommend bunion surgery for anyone osteo or no osteo.  For my osteo, besides the nasal spray, I take Cal Apatite' Forte Capsules MCHC with Vitamin D.  The company name is Metagenics.  Also it's important to take magnesium, vitamin C and another important supplement is Vitamin K.  Lookup Susan Brown, woman to woman and bone health.  Good Luck