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I am currently on day 20 of my cycle. My husband and i have been ttc since February. It is now May and we've had no luck. The past 2 months i've had symptoms I do no recall having before my previous periods. In March I went through the entire month with mostly no pre-mentrual symptoms, I became slightly nauseous to certain smells and had to drink sprite to calm my stomach for a few days. When i was three days late i suddenly got my period with extremely painful cramps.

Last month I got an extremely bad yeast infection a few days after ovulation (sorry t.m.i.) and i began getting slight cramps around 14 days before my period came and they were consistent on an every day basis. After this i got my period on time but it was slightly thick almost looking like tissue sometimes.

Now this month (day 20 of my cycle) I am having the same symptoms as last month but very mild, Almost like menstrual cramps but no nearly as bad, Just VERY uncomfortable almost nagging feeling. This has also been an everyday thing since right around day 13 or day 14 of my cycle.

Has anyone experianced this before? Any opinions?
Could i possibly be pregnant this month?


I also forgot to add that for a few days i had a considerable amount of white creamy lotiony discharge for a few days right around a week ago which i don't recall ever having in the past.