I'm new to this forum and I'm looking for some direction to figure out what is wrong with my stomach/intestines. I have been experiencing lower abdominal pain as well as stomach pain for quite a while now. Since I can last remember is has been going on since this past summer if not longer. This is practically a daily occurrence and is painful/ very uncomfortable. Here's exactly what I have been experiencing: minor bloating in my stomach as well as louder than normal intestinal sounds, lower abdominal quivering/trembling almost like a muscle spasm usually on the right side of my abdomen, unusual stool passing patterns/ constipation. I am 19 years old and very athletic and healthy. I workout on a 4 day a week regiment and eat pretty clean. I also cut out dairy to see if that would affect the stomach problems but it hasn't made much of a difference. I really have no clue what is causing this and my doctor was pretty passive when I brought it up because he believes I am too young and healthy to have anything seriously wrong. However, I convinced him to book me an appointment with a gastroenterologist but that is not until April. I am really looking for some insight into what's going on so I can take preventative measures to stop it or at least mitigate it. I am aware it could possibly be IBS however if it is, what lifestyle changes can I make to mitigate the symptoms?