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I have been having pain on my lower left side since January 2008. Its been coming and going. I have faint pain on my right side as well. I have been to Emergency Rooms, family practices etc. I have had ultra sounds on my kidneys, ct scan, pelvic exam, urine samples as well as blood samples. At first, one doctor told me that i had a uti. I went back twice and they still thought it was that. After taking the Uti medication my pain still came back. They thought it might be kidney stones it came back clear. My family said it might be gall stones

The last ER I went to they told me they couldn't find anything other then my white blood count was a little low. Going home I had the feeling that every doctor thinking its all in my head. Its not. Recently I have been experiencing painful bowel movements. I am experiencing itching on that area as well. Blood spots are on the tissue when I wipe. I'm so confused. I'm only 22. I am reluctant to go back to any doctor for them to tell me i am fine, and being stuck with a bill that could have been prevented.

Any takers on what it might possibly be?


You didn't say if you were male or female. Sometimes this might make a difference. I am having similar problems, am female, but restricted to only the right side. My initial findings are related to an ovarian cyst. I obviously have other issues as well (fibroid tumors, low blood/anemia) because my iron intake (probably due to loss of blood from tumors and cyst) is low.

In your case, is the pain posterior or anterior/front or back? If you have faint pain on right side as well that mirrors your left side and if the pain feels like it's coming from your backside in the area of your kidneys, I'd agree with the docs as your urinary track is so short, your kidney's can be affected very quickly. Does it feel as though you have fists in your back near the area flanking the "small" of your back? How much fluid intake do you get per day (should be half your body weight)? Do you include a great deal of sugar or processed foods in your diet (this type diet is very taxing on the cleansing systems)? This includes caffienated drinks such as sodas, coffee and tea. Switch to purifying solutions such as non-caffeinated herbal teas, decaf coffee and foods which will help increase the oxygen level in your blood. A good sugar substitute is Agave Nectar. It is slower to absorb into the bloodstream and therefor reduces the strain that white, processed sugar causes on the liver and kidneys. Since it's natural you don't have to worry about cancer scares. You can order it online from a pure source distributor if you like as some retail brands include "other" stuff (just researched this info as I came home myself and gave my Cane Sugar to a friend, but of course a bottle of the Agave Nectar as to educate, lol!)

Hope this helps as I'm sure it's not a cure all. Just take it a step at a time and educate yourself about YOUR body, cause doctors are too afraid to educate you themselves! A) It threatens their livelihood and B) They're afraid of being sued! C) Don't get caught in the crossfire! What you don't know CAN and will hurt you! I commend you (myself and us all) for taking our health into our own hands and not paying the physician to toss it down the drain if our issues are not big enough to pay golf fees or for a trip to the Bahamas! Take Care!