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I am 37 year and never had problens with my back. for couple months I am having lower back pain, I went to the chiropractor..but the pain come and goes? I am weaking up with pain.then I fell wonderful,not pain more energy..few days then the pain come back.
I would like to know what doctor i should look for?


Hi Sandra! When you are dealing with "back pain" it can be from SO many factors

1. Spine problems
2. Ribs
3. Kidneys
4. Posture
5. Pulled Muscles
6. Herniated Discs

The way I am leaning is towards a Kidney problem, regardless I would really like you to see your regular doctor and ask for an ultrasound and an xray on your back! In Particular your kidney's! And please let me know how you make out OK? Good luck and health!