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Recently my Mum has been experiencing Lower abdominal pains mainly on her left side which have occasionally been around her back as well. She has not been needing to urinate more but when she needs to go she must go quickly.

She has been to the docters who tested for a bladder infection but it has come back negative she has booked another appointment later in the week but is now worried as to what it could be? Any help please?


My mother had the same problem. She also needed few different opinions to get the right diagnosis. At the end she was diagnosed with kidney stones. The first symptom is pain in lower abdomen. Kidney stones very often do not cause any pain until the kidney stone moves into the urinary tract and thereby blocks the flow of urine. Excruciating pain in the lower stomach area and in the area where the kidneys are located is the first symptom of this serious condition and even if it is impossible to ignore this type of pain people sometimes tend to that. If the stones pass through the urinary tract the pain will ease off but this happens in a rare cases and it is usually needed to take medicines which can dilute the stones.

My mother had to go to the surgery but luckily everything has ended just fine. I hope that your mother is going to be fine as well.