5 years ago I noticed a hard nodule inside my fiances scrotum on his right side. I told him about it and he checked himself the next day and said he didn't feel anything. Well, I have noticed it numerous times over the past 5 years, it doesn't appear to be growing that I can tell and when I feel it it is very hard and odd shaped, probably the size of the end of my pinky finger, he is lying down relaxing when I have noticed it, I don't think it feels like it is attached to a testes, but I am not a professional. I have told him numerous times that I feel it, he says nothing, I told him to tell his doctor but he won't. He is type I diabetic since the age of 8 he is now 30 and takes really good care of himself where the diabetes is concerned. The only time he will go to the doctor is every six months when it is time to see his diabetic doctor in which they draw blood etc. He does have a family doctor but never goes to see him. what could this nodule be? How can I alert his doctor without my fiance finding out? I know he will never tell the doctor himself he is very modest and backwards when it comes to medical stuff like that. He gets nervous being around doctor offices or hospitals he said they make him feel panicy. So please fill me in on what this nodule could be and how I can alert his doctor without him finding out? thanks Charf