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I have a lump in my scrotum--it is not attached, and can be moved around. It is soft, with no redness or irritation (rash). It is the size of a golf ball, and comes and goes. It seems to not be there when I have an erection, although this may not be consistent. It is on the left side of my left testicle. Could this be hydrocele. If not, what can be done, and specifically, can it be removed or prevented from appearing?


I have a similar question. My boyfriend is 31 years old, he has a growth/lump in his testicle or scrotum (?). The lump is about 1 to 2 inches.
When there is sexual activity involved, I usually notice the lump moving around on his right side. The lump moves up into his groin area and he usually pushes on it to go back down... towards his testicles. Sometimes I notice him pushing down on both, left and right, sides of his groin/testicle area to keep the lump in his scrotum/testicle region.

What could that be?

We've been going out for about a year and half. He has several lumps on his body, including his rib cage/chest area. I asked him about the lumps sticking out of his upper body, he called them "growths". The doctor told him they are not cancerous, they are just "growths" he said.

I was not exactly sure how to ask him about the 2 inch "growth" moving in his testicles. I tried asking him, my question just did not come out that well.
I basically said to him "why does stuff move inside of you, when ever we ... Like down there something moves. INSIDE of you. There is Something that keeps moving... Around. What is that?" - I Asked him.
"That's what makes it feel good." - He said.

He goes to the doctor religiously. He has never mentioned (at least not to me) any concern over his testicles.

I really want to know what this lump is. Recently he had blood work done... the doctor did not mention anything.

Please! If anyone knows what a moving lump in the scrotum/groin/testicle region is, please tell me!