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I noticed a small, painless pea size lump on my left side of my groin just at the crease of my leg that seems to be a swollen lymph node & it wasn't there a few hours earlier when I took a shower. I did recently get a bikini wax and I have a problem with in-growns, I also developed a couple blisters in the area from the waxing, could a this be the cause of a sudden swollen lymph node?


I reckon it could be, especially if the ingrown hair has been infected with bacteria from skin surface. Or the lump may be an ingrown hair but you are just unable to realize it.

I have had a similar lump for a couple of years now. I have showed it to a dermatologist but she told me to visit her when the lump becomes big and infected, so that we can treat it with antibiotics. My lump is not round anymore, it has changed its shape, it is much longer now and I can feel it anytime but at certain times (I haven’t figured out a pattern), it becomes more apparent, eve painful to the touch.
It even looks like a fatty deposit but I haven’t been able to realize what it was yet. I am not that worried. If you are worried, mostly because you reckon there’s a possibility that you contracted an STD, then I would suggest you have it checked and see what it is all about.