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hello, i suffer from hayfever and have been having trouble with my eyes. my right eye has felt bruised over the past week - put this down to hayfever and them running all the time. however 2 days a ago i felt a small hard lump in the corner of my right eye and i dont know what it is. i didnt know if i should go to the doctor or if i was been over precausious. can someone help me here?


Hi honey! 2 things come to mind - 1 a stye - an infection of the pores 2. a hard sebacious nodule! The stye usually leaves behind p***y crusty residue in the eye! And also is quite painful! The Hard Sebaceous nodule, might need to be seen - as sometimes they want them removed so they don't float around!

It could also be an aggravated pore from rubbing your eyes, or constant buildup from your runny eyes! So just keep an eye on it! IF it gets infected, or grows bigger, then you will need to go and get it checked for sure! Hope this helps. Good luck and health!