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Are there any good websites around where you can get a good overview of different causes of lumps on hips? I have found a large lump on my hip recently and after waiting for it to clear up, I am now getting concerned that this is not going to happen. I know I need medical attention but I am uninsured. I would like to figure out what this is before deciding if I can shell out the money for a doctor. Please help me with links!


I found a lump on both sides of my hips. I am uninsured as well, but I went to my local doctor who referred me to another doctor who could help me. They gave me a biopsy, and it it not cancerous, thank God. He said it is fatty tissue or something like that. Sometimes it gives me a liitle pain. but he also said that if it get to hurting alot then come back and he can remove them surgically. I pray that you went to the doctor by now and also pray that everything is fine. Be blessed.