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A few days ago I noticed a lump (sensitive to the touch) on the right side of my jaw just beside my ear lobe. The lump in not growing but I am starting to feel a little pressure on my right eye. Has anyone any ideas? I have made an appointment with my GP but cant get one for over a week.



A swollen lymph node maybe? You might try a session with a reflexologist. Though it cannot be expected that something that has developed over time will be reversed in a single session, this therapy might help. "Reflexology gently nudges the body towards improved functioning of the system by improving lymphatic drainage and venous circulation, simulation to the nerve pathways, and muscle relaxation." ( Can be helpful with inflammations. (see below)

Reflexology is now practiced by professionals in many countries. Professional associations exist in North America, the UK, South Africa, China, Japan. In Denmark, China and the UK reflexology has been integrated into the national health care systems. In the US reflexology has been embraced by a number of healthcare centers, for example:

The Heart Center at St. Rita's Medical Center offers open-heart patients reflexology as a complimentary therapy to help speed recovery and reduce discomfort. St. Rita's conducted a three-month pilot study on open-heart patients who received reflexology, and the study confirmed a patient's level of pain and anxiety decreased significantly. It also helped patients increase the distance they were able to walk, decreased the number of days they were hospitalized and the amount of medication administered during their recovery process.

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center: "Reflexology is a form of preventive medicine that aims to maintain a person's balance and well-being. Though empirical studies are lacking, many patients have benefited from reflexology. Conditions treated may include: migraine headache, hypertension, menstrual cramps or irregularities, myofacial pain, fibromyalgia, insomnia and anxiety disorders."

The California Pacific Medical Center: "Reflexology reduces stress, balances energy flow in the body and mind and supports the immune system. Though given on the hands and feet, this extraordinary technique affects the entire body."

Maryland Center for Integrative Medicine: "The benefits (of reflexology) include reduction in tension and stress, increased vascular, neural and lymphatic circulation, and the releasing of toxins. Research has shown that blood pressure can actually decrease during a session! Clients use reflexology to alleviate or manage asthma, sinus problems, digestive disorders, inflammations, menstrual irregularities, pain, fatigue, inflammatory skin conditions and other imbalances. It is especially beneficial for circulatory problems."