The Kaisilver team today came across an interesting health related article. This was about the use of sugar in speeding the rate of recovery for heart surgery patients or even heart surgery patients. Please note that we at Kaisilver will not advise you to try this or any other method without full consultation with your doctor. It has been tested in animals that, treatment with ribose, a simple form of sugar can be useful for heart recovery. A heart surgery or even a heart attack puts severe strain on the heart. As a result, the patient requires several weeks or months of rest. This results in major adjustments in the personal and professional life of the patient.

Medical research is confident that the use of ribose will soon be possible for human beings too. The surgar works to stimulate the performance of the heart and nudges it to perform efficiently more quickly. Doctors with experience in treating sportsmen and athletes already use a similar concept in treating extreme fatigue.  This could come about with too much of training or playing under extreme heat  or humid conditions. The sugar based fluid administered to the athlete helps hasten the recovery period.

It should be noted that heart problems are quite common with diabetic patients. In such cases additional medical supervision might be recovered before using the sugar treatment. It might be a couple of years before research is completed to a degree where the treatment can be used on patients. Kaisilver once again requests you not to implement any change in your medical treatment without complete consent from your doctor.