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I found this small lump on the right side of my neck. I had a cavity filled 2 weeks ago on that side and 2 cavities filled on the left side of my teeth this past week. I just noticed this lump on the right side of my neck on Firday, and now I have a miniture lump next to the bottom of my right ear. Could these be glands? i'm not sure where all the gland in your neck are.


As a matter of fact lymph nodes start to swell as a reaction to some infection in your body. If you had the cavities filled 2 weeks ago, there might be a possibility that something is not right with the teeth and the lymph nodes swelling is just a reaction for it. Are you experiencing any pain these two weeks? Did doctor tell you that you might have complications like this after the cavity filling? You could try to take some antibiotics if there is any infection in your oral cavity. Are you having any bad breath?

The location that you described should be the location of the thyroid gland and the enlargement of the gland can be a little disturbing.