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I'm a 20 year old female and 5 days ago i woke up and had swollen glands and a sore throat and thought nothing of it went to work and its just progressed these past few days i rarely get sick so this is new to me ive had to call in to work twice and im getting worried i now can hardly eat my throat is visibly swollen, horrible night sweats, i cant swallow my phlem so i spit and theres blood in it i took a flash light and looked at my throat its hard to explain but it looks like the tissue has been aten away, my teeth are starting to hurt i started taking some antibiotics i had laying around the house but im just super worried its something serious i hate hospitals and doctors and would love to avoid them any ideas on what it could be? or to take the pain away?


Before I go any further, I must ask you to stop taking the antibiotics.  This is very dangerous because different antibiotics kill different things.  Let me explain this.  Some infections are viruses and some are bacterial.  Things like the common cold and Flu are viruses, which cannot be treated with antibiotics. scientists have not yet found an antibiotic that can kill a virus, because of the way virus infections work.  The virus cells are capable of mutation, and so can avoid being killed by antibiotics.  On the other hand, bacterial infections, such as some chest infections and dental abscesses do not usually mutate, and so scientists have been able to make antibiotics that 'home in' on these type of bacteria.  Each antibiotic is made specifically to kill a certain bacteria.  There are also what is known as 'broad spectrum' antibiotics that kill a whole range of bacterial infections.  The danger lies when you do not put the right antibiotic to the right bacteria.  At best this will not kill the bacteria, but at worst it could actually make it worse.  The bacteria can build up a resistance to the wrong antibiotic, leaving the bacteria to multiply at alarming speed, making you very ill indeed.

Now, to get back to your symptoms.

Is the swelling to your throat on only one side, or both sides?
Have you got a high temperature, and what is it?
Is the phlegm coming from the back of your nose, or are you coughing it up?
Do you feel overwhelmingly tired?
Are you able to get out of bed?
Do you have a blocked nose/sinuses?
Do you have any other symptoms?



Does your breathe smell horrible?
If so it may be tonsilitos (not sure how to spell) these sound like the symptoms I use to have this virus all the time, I know how u feel. Hope it helps