hello! i would like to ask if anyone out there has the same whatever this lumps called. i've these lumps since high school. at first there was just a small pea-size lump just under my breast near the ribs. it is not very visible but it can be really felt once touched! back then when i touched it the following day then there were 2 of it as if it just gave birth!! i was shocked. then as years passed by some of these horrifying pea-like multiplied...i have some on my arms! i did went to some dermatologist and they dont really know it and just gave me cream. and some say 'maybe' it was like keloids growing under my skin. i dont know what kind of doctor i should see and what kind of treatment i should get but i really wanted these to go away! if somebody grab me by my arm or touches and press on it hard then it will again multiply everytime it is touched or rubbed! also i cant wear underwired bras as my chest is now sensitive to this lumps, as like they become big pimple and painful, i try squeeze it and some white smelly stuff came out then left small pimple scar on my chest! recently i found out that this might be hereditary, my mother told me that my uncle has these on his back and he the treatment he has was to suck it but it all just came back and has to do the same procedure again leaving his back 'scarred'. then, my elder sister has it on her thumb and went to a doctor (in japan) and sucked the darmned thing and it also just comes back and same procedure over again. now, my younger sister told me she has these lumps under her breast just like mine started. the problem is i just wanted to know what kind of desease this is before i do anything about it and what kind of doctor to see and treatments available. i dont want to grow old with alienated lumps all over me and i am scared that they might just pop on the surface of my skin. i've always taken care of my skin and now i cant even go swimming with a two-piece as this embarasses me. please help me on nay information you might have. GOD bless! :( waiting to wear my two piece!