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Hi i am 8 and a half months pregnant and hve been sufferring from ichting around my vaginl area, due to the look of discharge I think this is thrush, but when I was wiping last night I noticed that the entrance to my vagina is very swollen. This led me to investigate further. There is a fleshy lump underneath my clitoris, just as you enter the vagina, and some fleshy lumps around the entrance. they are totally painless, just somtimes a little itchy. I have never noticed them before and my partner has had a look an says he doesn't know, internally apparently I feel totally normal, apart fom being a bit more bump and cushioned. Intercourse doesn't feel uncomfortable either.
Just wndering if anybody can give me any advice. I have made an app at the docs to get checked out as well.



It is quite normal to have things that look like 'fleshy lumps' around the entrance to your vagina - these are actually fronds of skin, leftover from your hymen. Generally nothing to worry about. However, the fact that you have a lump just under your clitoris makes things a little more worrying - genital warts can present themselves as such, and indeed these are often confused with hymen type fronds, and vice versa. You could have thrush in conjunction with warts (if you do have warts at all). The only way to be sure is to go and see your doctor asap - they'll get you sorted out, whatever is wrong, and put your mind at ease. Then you can concentrate on having your baby! Best of luck.