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Recently i have discovered bumps on my head that itch and hurt badly. They started to sread onto the back of my ear, my wrist and my forhead. It has been giving me a headache. What can this be?

Please let me know as SOON as possible.

Thank you!


Well, it is important that you have these lumps checked. Some people develop lumps or protrusions on their heads because they’ve had head injuries as children and the thickness of their scalps could have changed. These lumps are considered normal.

They could also be some kind of an infections, inflamed sebaceous cysts or ingrown hairs that have calcified.
These are less-to-worry lumps, there are lumps that could be indicating tumors, both benign and cancerous but I am not sure if they would hurt and itch that much.

It is important that you see a doctor who will examine the bumps, their location, appearance and size and try to figure out what the lumps are.

If the lumps are arising from under the skull and are not superficial bumps, then you may have to undergo some additional testing like MRI, CT scan, PET scan, etc