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I have had two repairs completed on my left eye for retinal holes whose cause were erroneous. The first surgery took place twelve years ago, the last surgery, two weeks ago. After each surgery, I experienced these circular white lights which travel up and down my temporal peripheral vision in the repaired eye. As well, it occurs at the bottom of my vision. It usually happens twenty to thirty times a day. I am curious if this is a side effect of the laser repair surgery. My biggest concern is that these lights indicate that traction is being placed on my retina and that they may cause another hole/tear. It appears as though these travelling lights occur most frequently when my eyes dilate - going from extreme bright light to darkness almost always activates this phenomena. I would really appreciate it if anyone could offer any insight (pun intended). Cheers. 


Hello AntPar,

   Thank you for sharing this. Have you got the problem solved. A few months, a tennis ball hit into the center of my left eye and since then, I see this white travelling lights in circles at the left end of the eye mostly just before waking up or when my left side has more light for example a plane glass.

Thanks in advance.