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im a 18 yrs old..y my left nipple is so dry ..sometimes after bath i can c the dry path on it,,im worried of it..... :-( hw to cure it?


The skin changes around the nipple can vary from moist, scaly to dry skin. This is normal but if itching is a symptom as well you may want to have it checked out. There are some lotions and shower soaps that are geared toward excema and this could be a possibility. What kind of soap are you currently using? Changing up skin products will usually do the trick. Something with oatmeal as an ingredient will also help in alleviating dryness. I know men who use an oatmeal scrub in the shower which causes a smooth and even skin tone. Oatmeal scrubs and exfoliators are very good for your skin. Also, try some heavy cream at night. A natural product that does not contain a lot of perfumes.

If symptoms persist see your doctor or dermatologist. They could prescribe a steroidal cream that would do the trick.