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90% of women have cellulite. Whether you're super-slim or plump, short or tall, chances are you'll develop cellulite at some point in your life. Until recently, medical opinion was that nothing could be done to banish cellulite... not any more!

A whopping 90% of women have cellulite - also referred to as "orange peel" thighs or "cottage cheese" thighs. It's not uncommon - in fact, you're far more likely to have it than not have it. Although that statistic makes us feel a little bit better - after all, we're not the only ones with dimply legs! - it still doesn't change the fact that we want to banish our cellulite forever. Luckily, there are now ways to get rid of cellulite, or, if your budget doesn't stretch to pricey treatments, you can camouflage it too! First, we're going to look over what cellulite actually is, then, we'll get onto how you can treat it!

What is Cellulite Anyway?

We all know what cellulite looks like - dimply skin.

Although cellulite most commonly appears on your thighs, your skin might also have a dimpled appearance on your tummy and legs, too.

Cellulite occurs when fat cells accumulate under your skin. Think of the middle layer of skin as a little bit like a net, and when these fat cells slip through the net, pulling on connective tissues, the cells can "bulge" through the holes rather unattractively - giving the skin a dimpled appearance, kind of like when your skin pokes through fishnet stockings. Gaining or losing weight won't necessarily cause cellulite and in fact, if you're blessed with blemish-free legs, it's likely down to pure luck and genetics. (We're not jealous at all!)

Diet and Exercise

First things first! The most important step in the fight against cellulite is diet and exercise. It might sound boring, but it's true - the kinder you are toyour body in terms of nourishment, the better it'll look on the outside. Drinking plenty of water is incredibly important - in fact, we can't stress just how important it is. Not only does it help to remove toxins from the body, but it also improves all sorts of cell processes, including cell turnover and cell renewal. Hydrate your body and you'll notice that your skin feels more supple and soft - it'll look smoother, too. Just as important as your water intake is your diet.

Eat plenty of fiber, wholegrains and vegetables - they not only help to fill you up, but they'll also boost your digestive system, which helps the body get rid of waste and toxins, making your skin glow.

Including foods that are rich in omega-3s and healthy fats will also improve skin elasticity and collagen production, which will improve the tone and texture of skin.

When it comes to exercise, focus on exercises that slim and tone your thighs, like squats, planks and side kicks. Using rowing machines, cross trainers or even a thigh master will all help to trim your thighs. The exercise might not get rid of cellulite, but it'll definitely make your legs look leaner, making the cellulite less noticeable.

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