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Hi everyone,

Try the below given tips to keep your skin healthy. I hope you may find it useful.

1. Protect yourself from the sun
For the most complete sun protection, use all three of these methods:
* Avoid the sun during high-intensity hours.
* Wear protective clothing.
* Use sunscreen.

2. Don't smoke

3. Wash your skin gently
Cleansing is an essential part of caring for your skin. The key is to treat your skin gently.

* Use warm water and limit bath time.
* Avoid strong soaps.
* Avoid irritating additives.
* Remove eye makeup carefully.
* Pat dry.

4. Moisturize regularly

5. Shave carefully

For a smooth shave:

* Press a warm wash cloth on your skin before shaving to soften the hair. Or shave after a warm bath or shower.
* Don't shave dry skin, which can cause razor burn. Apply shaving cream, lotion or gel before shaving to protect and lubricate your skin.
* Use a clean, sharp razor. If using an electric razor, don't use the closest setting, which can aggravate the skin.
* Shave in the direction of hair growth, not against it.
* Rinse your skin afterward with warm water.


Hey denny,

Thanks for sharing such great tips..

Its really very nice.



Wow Thanks for sharing nice tips ..and im adding some more simple and natural tips here ...

1.Natural Clay Mask

A facial mask made of kaolin clay as well as moisturizing ingredients is great for any complexion, as it gently pulls out grime and helps get rid of toxins. This promotes a clearer complexion and keeps the skin youthful.

2.Avoid Chemicals

Most cleansers, lotions and other products contain a wide variety of chemicals that may cause irritation and problems with the skin. Look for completely natural products instead with ingredients that are safe even if you would eat them.

3.Relax Yourself

Stressing and worrying doesn't do anyone any good, in fact it is even bad for your skin. When you stress your hormones are affected and this can cause premature aging, acne and other issues.


Great tips .
Thanks for sharing.keep sharing more and more.


The first thing you should do is practice preventative care for your face. You can go to a gym and work out muscles, but the only thing you can do for your face is be healthy.Avoid rubbing and touching skin lesions. Always use the good soaps or good scrub pads is very helpful and can actually make the good skin. Always drink plenty water and use sunscreen when you are in the sun.


Thanks for the tips,.but why if you stress can affect your skin? Or it is not good to your skin?