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My mom was recently diagnosed with emphysema. They told her it is marked, what does this mean? Id like to understand her condition/disease better but am not understanding this. Thanks for your time and help.


Hi! My grandfather was diagnosed with emphysema six months ago. I can’ t say with certainty what market emphysema is but I think that it is higher level of development of the disease. The reason why I think this is so, because I remember that when I was reading about it, I read moderato to marked, so I remembered it…..I don’t know why, maybe because English is not my mother tongue, so I found this marked strange.

You may try to compare your mother symptoms. It is said that if the disease is advanced, then a person needs a lot of energy to expel the air from their lungs and this takes a lot of one’s resting energy.

Has your mother stopped smoking? I suppose she was smoking because this disease is usually caused by heavy smoking, so quitting is a must in order to increase survival chances.
Although there is no cure for the disease, there are many drugs and treatments that are used for preventing progression and making life more comfortable.

Your mom and you and your family should learn as much as possible about the disease, coping skills and self-care and exercises for breathing improvement, nutrition, etc

First you need to do is talk to her doctor about proper explanation of your mother disease and how and if it differs to moderate emphysema and what especially you need to pay attention to. Good luck!