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hi im 14 and i've been masturbating for a while, and i can't recall how old i was when i started. however when i masturbate, i have a differrent method of doing so. what i do is i lay down on my stomach, and befroe i ge a boner, i rub my penis around with my left hand and ejaculate soon after. i was just wondering if there was a wrong way to mastubate? i tried the standard method of just stroking when erected, but i could never reach an orgasm, and i need to know if what i practice is healthy.

also i am uncurcumcised, and when i have an erection, my foreskin does not roll all the way down, it only exposes the head of my penis, but barely. is that a problem?


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hey kcck,


the way you described for mastubating is a fairly common way to do it. especially for uncircumsized guys. and especially if their penis is smaller and not all the way grown. when you have an erection it is important to be able to retract it all the way. are you able to retract it all the way when your penis is flaccid (not erect)? if so then gently streatch it when it is semi erect until you are able to easily retract it then gently streatch it when erect.  u streatch it by sitting in a very warm bath with epsom salt or baking soda in the water (like 3-4 cups in water just deep enough to cover your legs and penis)  then let yourself soak for about 10 min. retract your foreskin as much as possible withough causing pain. a tight feeling is good but it should not be painful. hold retracted for about 10-15 sec and release. repeat that about 10-15 times. as long as your foreskin doesnt get painful. make sure you rinse your body well afterwards so you dont get a buch of white residue on you which could cause sensitivity and itching.


let me know if this starts to help. keep in mind it could take a couple weeks to several months.

let me know if this makes sense and if you have any other questions or concerns.




Hi kcck:

I don't see a problem with your technique of masturbation. It produces orgasm and ejaculation

Foreskin retraction is limited by the length of the frenulum. This is normal. If the head is exposed then you should be OK.