sooo im 20 and me and my boyfriend have sex all the time.. and for a awhile i was not on birthcontrol and i have really weird periods.. so i didnt get it for around 6 months i took lots of test thinking i was pregnant i am starting to think i am really infertile =( but so then i ramdomly got a very small period out of no where so i jumped on the chance and started birth contol again i was off the how month though cause i would miss and then take too.. so i was spotting all month. so when the fake pill days came.. no really period.. and then i didnt make it to the store to get my new pack so i am not not on it this month.. but i dont know what to do or think i am skinny i weigh 130.. so i dont really have alot of fat but in my stomach.. which if i let out to be normal i look like 2 months prego=( i just dont know what to do i am afraid i have been preggo for a while.. and i just keep getting false negitives because my boobs are getting so much bigger but they dont hurt... i am just so confused of and also my uterus is hard.. =/ help what do i do