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Me and my husband have one child already whom will be two in November.we have been having unprotected sex since we had our first. We now want to have another baby and have been trying over the past few months, but nothing. What are some ways to help myself get pregnant or even find out if I'm able to get pregnant still?


Hi Guest,

You sure are in a hurry.  My sons are three years apart and that was a challenge, although some people can cope with having more than one child in diapers with soothers still.  Pregnacy is a weird happening.  Your body might be telling you that your reproductive system or other organs are just not ready to have another baby.  Everyone is different so please don't compare yourself to someone else or listen to what someone is telling you, unless it's a well qualified doctor.  If you're really anxious to have another baby and are not using contraception then I suggest seeing a respected doctor as your next step.

Good luck whatever your decision,


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