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I want to know if i can get pregnent at 42 my husband is 52 he has know children


Hi, I'm an RN, and know friends who have been shocked to be pregnant with a fourth plus child at 40-43, my ex husband's mother had a now 37 year old baby when she was well into her forties.

The deal is, if you have no children yet, or even if you did...time is not on your side statistically speaking. I would get to a fertility doctor that's well respected ASAP to verify that there are no issues. The great news, is that it's so common now for fertility doctors to sometimes make slight changes via hormone levels etc to help many couples have babies later in life.

Point is, your age means proactive is crucial to keep all options open to you. Ideally, even before trying on your own, you should have been evaluated. Just because of the age/time issue.

You may be fine, even at you age, and given the go-ahead to try on your own, but most likely all that year of 'trying' has to be evaluated by a medical professional right away. It's complex, but a good fertility OBGYN can help, call your local hospital that's most known for delivering babies, and ask who the top fertility doctors are. If you don't like how you're handled, be sure to get a second opinion, some of this kind of medicine is very subjective, don't waste a lot of time on a path you aren't sure about.

Take care