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I just have my medical abortion last tues for 7 weeks preg. 5 vaginally, 1 orally. I also took methergine after the cytotec. Abortion is illegal in our country that's why i really dont have any idea if i am doing on a right track, After taking all the meds after 3-4 hrs, i felt the worst cramps ever. I cant even walk. Me and my bf are not financially capable to raise a child that's why we decided to do this, i am also not yet ready to accept the fact that after 9 mos, ill be taking care of a baby. Its heartbreaking to be in this situation. I am also a graduating student for my degree thats why i was sofraid to tell my parents that im preg.

After 3-4 hours, i saw a blood in my underwear and it still hurting me so much, when i am about to pee, the blood cloths came out. I was really in deep pain emotionally and phiscally seeing my angel gone litlle by little. after 2 hours, i felt like going to poop but when i sit down and pushed there was this unusual fleshlike pig fat came out with blood cloths around it, is that the so called sac? started crying secretly because i think it was my angel already. There was also blood cloths that passed after that unusual thing. It was my 5th day of bleeding and i wonder when and how will this nightmare end. Is it normal to have a swollen breast and some liquid disharge onmy nipples? My bleeding is not that heavy. Its just like a normal mens. I changed pads two times a day. Still have some small cloths of blood and not that bad cramps. Is this normal? I am afraid to have a follow up-check up because abortion is illegal on our country. I just bought the medicine secretly somewhere. I tried to massage it on my own so i can help my uterus to expel the blood and i am so afraid to go to a doctor if this will not end soon.. What more things should i expect for the next week?Am i doing these things right? Thanks for those who can understand me.

And i swear i wont do this again, it hurts me physically emotionally spritualy. I felt like half of me was gone and things willnever be the same thing before. I feel bad because i have to ended up in this way :(

Sorry God.


the "unusual fleshlike pig fat " as you put it is yes your sac aka your fetas you should see a doc to make sure the abortion is complate if not it could make you very sick if it is not