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my name is courtney,
i am between 14 and 15 weeks preg.
my boyfriend and i have lived together on our own for two and half years. we have a one year old daughter. but this newcoming baby is really a downer. we are not financially, physically, or emotionally nor mentally ready for another child. i do not want to put a childs life in this situation. but my boyfriend WILL NOT LET ME PUT IT UP FOR ADOPTION. i have talked to him about it. i have looked up abortions and seen that it comes to 600 or more dollers, money i defenitly do not have or can put my hands on. My boyfriend is the money carrier so i have very limeted small amounts of money ican get my hands on.
i have looked up some home abortions and read all the bad talks and lecturs and have went to womans center and they tried to talk me out of it. nothing is going to change my mind its what i NEED to do . My question is, what can i do to abort this pregnancy successfully ?? I am just going to tell my boyfriend that i had lost the baby as i have had three miscarriages before. so its very believable. i do not want my family nor boyfriend finding out what i have done. its best for everyone including myself if i just did the abortion and told them i lost it. i know sooner or later down the road i will sit everyone down and tell them the truth. right now i am to the stage where i could put the fetus in a box or something and give it a propper buriel and say goodbye. what im doing is heartless as it is , i dont want to just toss it out like its nothing. so please, what is the most successful way that i could home abort?? please help.

remember i can only get my hands on very little amount of money and i also wouldnt mind not ever having any children again. ever.
right now is just not the best time.


Good Morning Courtney,
You know, as a mom, i am going to open with this, where was your birth control? Enough said on that. There is no such thing as a home abortion either. Have you tried Planned Parenthood? You will have to pay something, but they do put you on a sliding fee scale, this allows you to pay them exactly what you can afford. Planned Parenthood usually doesn't try to talk you out of anything either, they just ask if you are sure about it and they do offer counseling for you afterwards.

Your obviously the one who doesn't want another child, your bf is fine with another baby tho. He is on the other end of this situation and you really shouldn't go behind his back and lie to him after you have an abortion. The truth will come out eventually, it always does. I am not against abortion, nor am i for it, i have had 2 in my past. I will not pass judgement on anyone who has it done. But don't try anything unless it is regulated by a professional in a professional setting, i.e. a doctors office or clinic.
You said you are 14 to 15 weeks along, that makes you close to 4 months. It's almost to late to abort. It can still be done but it's more difficult. You must be starting to feel life inside of you by now.

In order to prevent any more mishaps, you know you have 3 choices. Either go on birth control, get fixed or stop having sex, it's that simple. I think about my abortions from time to time and it sucks. Just know that you must tell baby daddy. Time is running out for you, so contact PP. The other alternative is to have the baby and love it and care for it the best way you can. He/she doesn't care how much money you have. It's sounds like it's about you, just like it was with me at thye time. Please don't be selfish by deciding your baby's fate. I aborted twice because i was a selfish, one sided ass. I did not want to be tied down to a screaming, puking sh*t machine at the time. 35 years later, i have 5 wonderful children and 4 beautiful grandsons. I have changed thousands of poop diapers and mopped up oceans of puke. Snotty noses and temper tantrums ruled my day and I never had a nap until each one of them went to kindergarten. I have had millions of sleepless nights and wanted to rip my hair out from exhaustion. But i wouldn't change it for the world today.


o.O Call your local Women's Clinic and ask foe the National Abortion Hotline # and they will help you with finacial assistance for the procedure... it will cover half or a little more.... and if you are too far along, check out other states around you, all states have different laws, some will let you still abort close to 5 months... good luck!


Oh give me a break you guys.

Courtney, apply for your state's health insurance. I may have replied here too late, but everyone who's pro-life here, go away. This ain't the place for you. No one needs to hear your brainwashing, your soap-boxing.

Don't do an abortion yourself. Get that insurance, make payment plans, state your case to your local PP. There are people who care about YOU, not your fetus. They will help you.

Stay strong