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Today is 23rd day after medical abortion, normal bleeding was going on 5/6 days back. Suddenly in third week heavy blood with clotts were seen, next day after that was less bleeding. then suddenly today. heavy bleeding again. I am getting week. Changed pad regularly. 6 pads changed in last 7 hours today.

Is their any medicine for weekness, and to stop bleeding.

I did ultrasound after 15days which shows no sac. Then what is coming out. I am in joint family. So confuse what to do.

ultrasonologist comments:

1. Uterus is retroverted and normal inside 2. The myometrium shows normal echotexture and focal or mass lesion is visualised. 3. Endometrial cavity contains minimal amount of anechoic contents(Likely to be blood). No sac seen 4. Endomaterial thickness 7.1mm 5. Both ovaries are normal in size , position and echo pattern 6. There is no adnexal or tubo-ovarian mass 7. No free fluid seen in the cul-de-sac 8. Urinary bladder is normal in outline with clear lumen

Also Please guide. Is report normal. 


Hi its your normal period that is back. The first one after a termination is normaly a bit heavier than normal. You will be fine.

Relax take a multivitamin to get your energy back. If you still feel unsure visit your GP.