Hello to all, I just had an abortion with misoprostol only and i was about 7 weeks pregnant. I live in a country where its illegal to abort, so please any advice without judgement would be very appreciated. I realised i might be pregnant after 10 days of being late, i had no signs of nausea or vomiting to feel it, so after having taken a test i knew i was pregnant. After a lot of reading on the net and talking on the phone to some doctors i decided to terminate the pregnancy on my own, with the help of a friend. It's been a hard experience but necessary as i can't keep it. I took the first day a total of 12 pills of misoprostol and the second day 4pills, i am now on my 3 rd day where i will also take 4 pills. ( my doctor told me to take 12 pills per day for a week, but according to my research it seems like a lot?)  I didn't feel sick while pregnant nor nauseous so i can't tell if the abortion is completed by those symptoms. Starting the first day I had severe cramps with a bit more than normal period blood but with very few clots and no real sign that the embryo was ejected (i looked as much as possible), also my breasts are less hurtful and much more tender. Are those symptoms that assure me that i am no longer pregnant?? Anyone been in the same situation? Im getting worried as i don't think i can bear the cramps for another 5 days..  A warm greeting to all woman who have suffered or are suffering now because of this.. Lea