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Dear all,

my husband and I now decided to have a baby and we'll soon "go for it". Yet after all those years of attentive contraception, the idea of now having totally unprotected intercourse (I'm meanwhile off the pill) makes our minds go round with all kinds of fascinating thoughts.

Our questions to all couples that are already one step further are:
Which thoughts were passing through your mind, when you had your first unprotected baby-making sex?
To the ladies: What feelings did you have as a woman, when your husband intentionally inserted his penis for the first time without a condom in your fully exposed body?
To the gentlemen: What did you guys think when you entered your wife's vagina for the first time without a condom and being aware that there is now no barrier at all between you and her fertile womb?
To both of you: Do you have any remembrances of the seconds right before, during, and after ejaculation? This decisive moment must have engraved in your either memories rather in slow-motion or are we wrong?

On the one hand, we have made the decision to go for a child, on the other hand, we currently feel a little bit like the deer in the headlights, being afraid what's next, although the outcome is in fact well known. Sounds paradox - but maybe you had similar thoughts, hadn't you?

Many thanks in advance for sharing your experiences with us.

Kind regards,

The Lucky Two


Lots of people have sex with out a condom and the woman is on BC. Anyways not many people think of this stuff when having sex lol. I don't. These thoughts do not pass through our minds.. well not mine.



"Lots of people have sex with out a condom and the woman is on BC."

That's true. But we felt that it is only fair if man and woman both make their contribution to BC and not that one partner relies on the diligence of the BC of the other (e.g. regular taking of the pill). Maybe we were in regards to that more cautious than average and always one double BC by pill and condom.

"Anyways not many people think of this stuff when having sex lol. I don't."

So it seems. We weren't asking our questions here if we had found sufficient and satisfying information in the web. But there wasn't.


The Lucky Two