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please advise a natural remedy for menopausal dizziness ?


Your dizziness is probably caused by poor circulation or blood deficiency associated with menopause and your goal should be making up for the estrogen deficiency, which is often the culprit of all troubles during menopause.

Many herbal products have been used lately for boosting estrogen production and bringing relief from menopausal symptoms.
The product I heard about is called Good time, it is a mixture of herbs but there are many other products on the market. You may even discuss some of the products with your gynecologist. Good time contains Chinese Angelica Root, White Peony Root, Glossy Privet Berries, Chrysanthemum Flower, Chinese Red Sage Root, Anemarrhena rhizome, Wild Jujube Seed. All of these herbs have some good effects against those annoying menopause symptoms, especially in nourishing blood and increasing circulation.

Vitamins E and B6, ginseng are also said to mimic estrogen, so you may want to discuss these with your doctor or a pharmacists.