I'm a little concerned about my menstrual cycle, I plan on getting a pregnancy test tomorrow, but I am a few weeks late getting my period. I just came off birth control 2 months ago, I got my last period the first week of September, but this one is late. I've only been on the pill for a years time.

I haven't had sex for 10 weeks either as my boyfriend and I are in two separate countries. Is it possible for me to be several weeks pregnant and not have any symptoms at all, other than a missed period? I only feel nauseated when thinking about having a baby. It just doesn't make any sense that I would be, but I am late. Could this have something to do with coming off birth control and not having the cycle schedule my body is used to? Please tell me thats what it is.

I tend to worry a lot. But if I were pregnant I'd be about 10 weeks now, and I just don't think I am, but the late period has me concerned.

Reassure me, ladies.