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Hey guys thanks for taking time out to read this. I am 20 years old, i started my period when i was 11. I would go months with having a period every month on the same day and then my periods would change to different days and so on. Me and my husband do have unprotected sex, we dont use and kind of protection whether it be condom,s or birth control. But i haven't had a period since May 2010 and it is now October 2010. In september i started spotting for not even a whole 10 minutes and then it stopped. Yesterday (10-05-10)
i started spotting but then it stopped then i started spotting again thihs morning and then again it stopped. I have taken a thousand PT test and they have came up either invalid or negative. This morning i decided i would go to the hopsital (i have no insurance to go to the doctor) when i went i told them all my symptoms and everything and they just brushed me off. They gave me a blood test (after i told them i wanted one bc they werent going to give it) they said it came out negative. But ok heres all my sy,ptoms Ill just list them out lol ok.
1. no period for 5 months
2. swollen boobs(i can actually feel the weight when i take my bra off)
3. i eat like a pig now
4. i am (according to everyone else) extremly moody
5. i have minor cramping every month
6. My cervix (which i usually check about 1 time a wk) is HIGH
7. I am constantly wanting to have sex
8. (i know this is weird) but my mouth is making more spit than i can swallow lol
9. I have pains sometimes in my stomach and pelvic area

so what do i do? no one will take me serious! and i am scared! even though i have taken a million test and a blood test could i still be pregnant?

thank you guys so much! :cry:


Forget pregnancy for a moment - that's an important issue, but there's an even bigger one: the normal and appropriate functioning of your body. I'm not a doctor, just an adult, but if a young woman says she hasn't had a period in five months, I would say that was anything but normal, and if - as you say - pregnancy tests come up negative, then you do indeed have an issue - not a problem, an issue.

Whether the issue is a problem is what medical staff should be helping you find out. Brushing you off is not a reasonable or acceptable behaviour, but if you're asking them whether you're pregnant when what you should be asking is how come my body isn't functioning the way a normal female's should, with reasonably regular and normal periods, then they may be getting confused, hence the brush off.

Do some research online - you're smart enough to be on here, and you're question is literate, and this site and the web in general should be able to give you some idea of how normal it is to go five months without a period, without being pregnant.

Change the question (out in the real world) to 'I haven't had a period in five months, I'm apparently not pregnant, and I'm concerned. Can you explain my condition?' and politely but firmly request a meaningful answer.

Hint: changing the question also changes the perception. Nurses may not have time for young women being concerned about being pregnant - it's too common a story. A rational and valid question about your menstrual cycle however shows awareness, and maturity. You may get a more useful answer.

You do certainly deserve one.