So I had unprotected sex two days ago. My boyfriend and I are worried that I may be pregnant, but I am trying to assure him that since I had my period (it started the day we had sex), I was wondering if I could be pregnant. This is the second time I've had unprotected sex, but the first time, I surely was not pregnant, and I still don't know why. What are my chances of being pregnant when I do not believe he was excited... (well, produced any cum or pre-cum), so I think that cuts some of the chances. But the day we had unprotected sex, I had my period. and I know that if you have your period after unprotected sex, then you cannot be pregnant, but wouldn't that mean that I am not pregnant if my period lets itself finish, even after having my period? Please reply, and I am worried about birth control, I cannot afford it. Thanks for replying.