Me and my boyfriend have had sex previous times before but have always used a condom. But I just recently got on birth control like a week ago and I just found out that it takes 30 days to actually start working. But also, I had just got off my period and he did not ejaculate inside of me but I assure you that there was pre-ejaculation. I am not worried about the cum at all. But see, he stuck it in once, then pulled out to cum. We waited ten minutes, he stuck it in again and pulled out to cum again. So finally, we waited about an hour before doing it again and did it for about fifteen minutes. Then at the end, he pulled out and still had to jerk it a few times to make himself cum (inside of his pants) What I am wondering is, from all the facts I have given you, could there be a possibility that I am going to be pregnant from this? I mean, looking at all the facts.. I'm on birth control, he did not cum inside of me, and I had just got off of my period. And it's only been four days, so I don't know how I could tell this soon. So is there a possibility that I could be pregnant or end up pregnant?