Hi there, So my boyfriend and I are consenting adults in our mid twenties, both virgins so we are a bit new to all this and together for 2 years. Basically, we have agreed not to have sex for a while but last night I touched him and he had pre-ejaculate on his penis. It was on my hands but as far as I'm aware he didn't touch himself, but there is a chance it got on the bedsheets and as a result got onto his hands. He a little later fingered me. I read that pre-ejactulate usually doesnt contain sperm or if it does it's from a previous ejaculation, but he had peed not long prior to this happening and hadnt had an ejaculation for 2 days. Also I am on birth control pills but last week I accidentally messed them up and missed 2 or 3 pills (my doctor switched me back and forth between 2 pill generics with the same active ingredients because one was giving me a reaction, I took 2 pills the day i realized I missed the pills which was last Thursday, then two the following day, but this was Aviane, I switched back to Lutera (apparently same active ingredients) every day after that. So I have been taking birth control for 6-7 days but two of those days it was a different birth control, so I was just counting the full 7 days from Saturday when I just began taking Lutera again. This happened yesterday (Thursday) night. I'm currently still spotting/having a period because I missed those pills last week. This was supposed to be my inactive pill week but i've just continued with the pills instead). So I havent been taking the same name pill for a full week yet, unless you count the Aviane pills I took 2 of last Thursday and Friday, I've taken 5 pills on the dot every day, but they always say to wait the 7 days. So my question is, is there any chance i got pregnant if he potentially got pre-ejaculate on his hands and it got inside me? Is it worth me getting the Plan-B? Thanks for your help