Hi, I've been on Methadone for approx 12 years due to a Pain Killer Addiction, and Heroin addiction 20 yrs ago, (One led to the other after a 4 yr period of sobriety)
I was on 120 Mgms, for 11 yrs, and started detox about a yr a go and am now at 68 mgms. :-|
Is there a rule of thumb to detoxing from this point since I'm half way thru, I've been going down about 2-4 mgms at a time,  but now that I'll  be at a lower dose, I'm assuming I'll start to feel the small 2-4 mgm drops. 
I'm just wondering :8-|
A) what sort of schedule is a good one to detox, 
B) should I change my Clonazapam levels to help combat the withdrawal, 
C) and since Cymbalta makes me slightly speedy at first, will this effect the sleeping issues you have during withdrawal? (I wonder if the Speedy feeling I've been getting will diminish anyway, maybe prior to that portion of my withdrawal) Or is Cymbalta inauspicious to detox in any event?

I go to a Methadone Clinic. Where they take Medi-Cal Patients. I happen to be one of he few that pay, ca$h. Therefore when I ask questions with regard to how long this should take, and how many m-grams to drop, I'm not always comfortable with the answers they give, as I'm CERTAIN they'd LOVE to keep me, I'm a very successful patient, never one dirty test, (I've been clean) and never missed a payment. Went from Homeless, to Homeowner, two cars in the driveway PAID OFF, 3 Kids, I 've rescued over 650 Dogs, (Community Volunteer) etc ..... I'm not bragging, I'm trying to explain- That they enjoy using me during talks with groups going to the state for Protests etc. etc. At 120 m-grams, The clinic recommended I start dropping 2 at a time, I spoke with others and they said I could have safely dropped 5-10 m-grams 2 or three times in a 5 week period and not felt a thing. That's why I came here to ask,..A kind of neutral space....Thanks so much!

I appreciate your help I know this is complicated...