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Are there any methadone advocates here? with being a success story and not whining about this medication that has helped many over the years or am i on the wrong site!!!


Yes there are absolutely.  It saved my life as well.  The problem is that there are some people that are incapable of recovering from addiction.   They have tried everything even methadone and it hasn't worked for them.  So when they see posts from successful recovering addicts, they get upset and start blaming everything for their problems, instead of blaming themselves.    

Contrary to what most people think, methadone has successfully treated more opiate addicts than any other drug.  It's not perfect, but what is?   It is an addictive drug and it was designed to enable heroin and opiate addicts a way to stabilize their lives, stop being involved in the street drug scene, and enable them to become healthy again.   It's cheap($40-$70/week), can be taken orally once a day, and you can work safely while taking it.   It stops drug craving and allows addicts to focus on other important things like family, financial stability, avoidance of criminal activity and repair of relationships that suffered because of our drug use.   

Granted, it is an addictive drug so at some point when you are strong enough and ready to quit, you can detox slowly over several months and you can get off of it.     If you  just stop taking it, then you are going to suffer withdrawal symptoms. 

So why would a person want to do that?  Do it slowly. Doesn't take a genious to figure that out. 

Back to your question, there are many advocates here, so don't worry  about that. OK.  Good Luck to ya!