I just read a post by a person who said she got off Suboxone by tapering down to 2 mg a day and taking 10 mg of methadone for 5 days- and then taking 5 mg of methadone for 2 days, 2.5 x 3days and if needed for a couple days .25 mg of ativan...and then off...for good. i hope she's right. I began taking suboxone several years ago after having major surgery. I never thought it would be the most expensive decision- I have ever made- medically speaking. There should be a class action case against the company that makes Suboxone- because there is no exit strategy baked into this therapy. In the 7+ years I have been on this drug- it has cost me over 50,000 dollars and it has also robbed me of my full range of emotions. My social life has suffered. My career has suffered. There has got to be an easier way to get off opiates. There are programs in every state- Rehabs in every state to get you ON Suboxone- but no programs I know of- to get you off. Thus, we are all frantically trying to figure this out on our own. Just type in "Suboxone and withdrawing off it"- to get an idea about how many of us out here are grappling and searching for ways to free ourselves and get off this drug. A friend gave me 20 methadone tabs, 10 mg each- and suggested I taper down to 2 mg suboxone a day, (I'm on 4 mg now) and to prevent the painful withdrawal from Suboxone- I can take the methadone.- once I get down to 2mg of Sub. Then, i will have to deal with gradually getting off the methadone- which stays in your system for 72 hrs...but I can do that. Methadone does not have the euphoria and buzz that Norcos and Oxy's have. I have read all kinds of ways to beat this. Probably the best way is to use short acting opiates- because they have a high intrinsic value and can occupy the receptors right away- so as you leave the Sub...that has weak intrinsic value- they take it's place and boom- you are out of Suboxone hell. But how many addicts have access to short acting opiates to accomplish this. Not me. I am scared to death of withdrawing. Like most people- I work for a living and I cannot afford to call in sick. My God- why is this not addressed by addiction experts? I'll tell you why. Suboxone is a money maker. I spend 200 bucks a month for suboxone and in order to get the prescription- i have to see a Dr- who charges 300.00 bucks a month! This is just ridiculous. Anyway, I am going to consult a medical malpractice attorney about this- because lives are being ruined by this so called miracle drug. It iis great to get off opiates- yes...but then- if you use Suboxone to accomplish this- make sure you discuss an exit plan with your doctor- so you don't end up like me. I will make it out of this, but it has been too long of a battle. If anyone out there has used methadone to get off Suboxone- please respond- and let me know how it went for you. All the best to all my friends out there- who have struggled with opiate dependence and are so desperate to get on with their lives...we will succeed- helping each other is how we do it