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I have been on suboxone for 3 months 3 8mg a day, I wanna switch to the methadone clinich, how long after my last strip do I need to wait for my first dose of methadone? I love being free of the oxys but subs arent doin it anymore


Not sure what you mean by "subs are doin it anymore"... if you need something more for pain, then methadone will definitely help. If you want something to feel high (and I'm not judging, just answering), methadone isn't your answer, as it blocks the opiod receptors and won't allow you to feel high, even if you were to take methdadone with opiates. This is why so many opiate/heroin addicts who turn to methadone end up stopping it and going back to the opiates only, because they want to experience that high that methadone blocks (many methadone users sell their take-home methadone medication for this very reason). Methadone doesn't get people high. It works amazingly for pain (the best thing available, in my opinion, because of the long half-life and it remains working in your system for 72 hours). However, it's addictive and takes a long time to get off of, but it is do-able if you do a long-term detox (and I'm talking about a 6-month to year-long detox to do it without severe withdrawal and to lower one's susceptibility to getting back on it).