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I am currently on 110 mg of methadone. I plan on stopping methadone for 5 days to let it get out of my system (using other stuff to keep me from being sick). My question is, if I take my last dose of methadone on Saturday morning, use the other stuff until Thursday morning (before 10:00 AM), how long do I have to to wait until I can start taking the suboxone? Thanks much in advance. And I would greatly appreciate an e-mailed reponse to _[removed]_, I have a hard time finding this site.


It all depends on a lot of factors. But most Doctors agree that 3-4 days after your last dose. What really matters though is that you are in withdrawal, you have to be or Suboxone will throw you into precipitated withdrawal which is way worse. So just make sure you are in sufficient withdrawal before you take it.

Also coming from such a high dose of methadone be prepared to not feel 100% for 5-7 days after you take suboxone. I went on suboxone from 90mgs of methadone waited 78 hours from my last dose and switched. It took a week for me to feel 100% normal. It is well agreed that you should lower your methadone dose to 30mg or less before the switch as suboxone no matter how high of a dose is equal to about 30mg methadone. But it can be done on higher doses I am living proof of that and so are many others it just takes some getting used to. Think of it like this you go to your methadone clinic and are giving 110mgs a day, the next day you come in and they only give you 30mgs. So expect and be prepared for some minor withdrawals (very minor considering). But all in all you should be straightened out within a week or less. Just make absolutely sure you are in withdrawals before you take the suboxone. This is a must or you will never forget the experience I can assure you of that. Google "clinical opiate withdrawal scale" and make sure you score at least 10-15 before you switch.

Good luck I know what you are going to go through and know you will do fine if you are committed to the switch.