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Hey All,

I've been struggling with Heroin and Oxycontin for a year or two now, and I'm in the process of quitting right now, and I have a question:

If I've only taken Methadone once, (50mg, for the 1st day after my last DOC dose), how long should I wait before transitioning to Suboxone?

I am trying out Methadone, to see if it is a way around the 4 hour period that you have to endure withdrawals for, when going straight from DOC to Suboxone. (Because you have to wait until you are in full withdrawals to take Suboxone!)

The reason I think this may be the case, is because while researching online, I came across a site that says your last dose of Methadone should be 10mg or less, before switching to Suboxone - which I interpreted as meaning you don't have to wait for any amount of time before taking the Suboxone, if your last dose of Methadone was 10mgs or less.

So I figured that I could go from my DOC, to taking Methadone the next day (I won't have to wait, and therefore won't feel any withdrawals at all!), to starting my normal Suboxone routine the following day, before the Methadone has completely worn off.

Now It's the following day - the day I said I would start on Suboxone, and a little bit of last minute hesitation caused me to double check the internet before actually doing it (you know, just in case the threat of precipitate withdrawals exists at all), and to my surprise, most website are saying that after taking Methadone, you actually have to wait LONGER to take Suboxone, than if you were only taking a DOC. Like 3 days?? Well does this apply for every case of methadone? Or is this advice for those of you who have been taking methadone for weeks or months? I've only taken it once - do I still have to wait that long?

I don't feel any withdrawals yet, and it's been more than 24 hours, but my question is if I still have to wait until I get full blown withdrawals.

I know this is a very specific question, but I wanted to see if anyone out there had the answer? :D


You can actually take the Suboxone now and not feel any withdrawals.


You do have to wait longer if your going from methadone to subs as i went through precipitated withdrawls last night for that reason methadone is a stronger drug long acting now like opiates, if you were going from subs to methadone it would work i kno from experience