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I "accidentally" started taking about 120 mgs of methadone about 1 1/2 months ago. I used to take suboxone and want to start taking them again. I already see a doctor and am prescribed them so I'm just concerned about getting off the methadone and how and when can i switch. I've been through addictions and withdrawals before and started to wean myself off the methadone at 5 mg every three days. I'm down to 50 mgs with very little problems. Am I going to run into more serious withdrawal? If so, when? How low a dosage should I get to before I start my Suboxone? Are there any other/better ways that I should be weaning off the methadone?


"Accidentally?" Be real.

Before you can switch back to suboxone, your methadone dosage must be below 30 mgs./day or you will go into precipitated withdrawal due to the naloxone in the suboxone formulary. "Accidentally" make a mistake here and you will suffer like nothing you can imagine.
Good luck,
J.R. Neuberger
National Alliance for Medication Assisted Recovery