i have been on 20 mgs of liquid methadose for over 2 yrs. since being on it i have been clean and have done all the groups and counseling required monthly. i go to the clinic once a week. i should have earned my next take home back in april. which means i'd be going to clinic every other week. i'm paying $12 a day now and if theyd give me the take home i earned i'd be paying $9.35 per day. the excuse they are giving me for not giving me the take home i earned is that i go in at 9 am to dose and dosing hours end at 10 am. which is bs! i live an hour away from the clinic and there is no rule in there handbook saying that in order to recieve take homes u have to go in earlier than 9 am. which leads me to believe that they just dont wanna give me my take home since theyd have to charge me less money.

so i got irritated w/ the clinic and asked them to detox me 7 mgs a week. they ignored me and did nothing. id go in every week and complain for several weeks and finally they took me down 2 mgs a week. i told them i want to go down faster and they wont listen to me!

i cant afford to pay the clinic anymore so i decided to detox myself by going down 1 mg per day. last week the clinic gave me 6 take homes w/ 12 mgs in each. i had extra empty bottles so i tried to measure my dose w/ a ml dropper and it was impossible cuz 12 mgs only came out to 1 ml. a friend of mine who majored in biology and was a paramedic said he could help measure out my dose. so i let him. i dont know how accurate of a job he did but he took 1 mg off first dose and 2 mgs off next etc.. this streched out my methadose to last 10 xtra days.

question 1~does anyone know how to measure methadose the correct way?

the next problem is that he used something that looked like a turkey baster and when he got outta my car he left it in there and once i got home i looked at it and realized it was a syringe w/ needle broken off and it looked like there was a lil dried up blood in the syringe! i called him and he denied that he used it to shoot up heroin but i dont believe him.

question 2~does anyone know if i could get hepatitis c if hes infected w/ the virus from him using the syringe to measure my dose? i know u can get it from sharing needles but my case is different. years ago i had a series of vaccines to prevent hepatitis b but i am freaking out over the possibilities of me getting hepatitis c over his negligence and my mistake of trusting him.