Hi, Sorry this could be long, i need help!! I have been spotting for 12 days now, exactly starting on my supposed to be 'ovulation day'. It could have been ovulation bleeding but why is it going on for 12 days? First time it happened I thought I peed a lot of blood, and then docs thought I have uti and gave me antibiotics. It stopped the next day. But after they had the results come and realised I don't have any infections, i stopped taking the antibiotics. It came back (light bleeding, light red, sometimes dark red) It happens in the morning when I wake up and then nothing for the rest of the day. I feel a slight cramping often on my lower left abdomen, very seldom on my right as well. I am in my early 30's, not sexually active but I'm quite stressed lately, and I also realised my last prior period started 7 days earlier so not sure if that is one of the reasons? I'm just scared to wake up and pee every morning now and see blood. I went to the doctor and they had a blood test done, urinalysis, ultrasound for kidney and bladder, and say I am all fine..should I be doing other tests?? I thought to wait and observe if i will get my period this month. Just want to get info as I'm really sort of panicking but also don't want to go through the frustration of getting a lot of tests done and knowing this could just be normal? #freakingOut